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EMC Events

Everything is much more fun in a community of likeminded friends. EMC hosts both in person and online events to stregthen our community, to help create social connections outside of the classroom, and to empower our parents with tools to bring more math into the home. From Open Lessons to Math Quests in the park, EMC events are open to everyone. Join us and bring your friends!


To learn more about EMC, come to our free open online lessons on July 30th and August 13th. You and your student will experience our classes, meet the teachers and make sure you like the school before registering. Our open lessons are an opportunity to explore our teaching method, meet the teachers, and make sure that EMC is right for your child.


Come to our free in-person events! We organize friendly math competitions and quests, where we gather as a community to celebrate math. We run stations with non-standard math problems, puzzles, and cool math challenges for every level! You are always welcome to bring your friends and family!

Not in the area? Reach out - we would love to organize something for you too!

Harry Potter Quest

Math Picnic

The courses build foundational skills (e.g. number sense, skip counting, geometry) and are designed to prepare kindergarteners and first-graders for Beast Academy books.

What to Expect

  • Instruction starts in September, runs for 38 weeks, and ends in June. Students can join the program at any time.

  • Groups of 4-6 students meet online once a week for 55 minutes.

  • Lessons are conducted in a relaxed, conversational manner, rather than the traditional one-way lecture format, and consist of games and puzzles that develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, spatial reasoning, and arithmetic skills.

  • EMC provides all required classwork and homework materials in PDF form via Google Classroom. We also provide a list of recommended supplemental resources, such as workbooks and physical manipulatives, for those who want more!

  • Older students, attending school grade 2 and higher, can request access to a discounted EMC-administered Beast Academy online account, which they can use to study independently.


Parent Education talks: Making Math Engaging and Fun at Home
Join us on Wednesday, August 10th, 6PM (PDT), 2022 (on Zoom).

Anna Margolis, director of the math school EMC, recently led a successful lecture for teachers about how to hold engaging lessons. Now she wants to share her experience with parents: talk about ways to help kids learn math, hold their attention, find interesting problems, and keep up motivation. These ideas apply to parenting in general and  touch on more than just math.

How to help so that kids do everything on their own? How to ask the right kind of questions, to create a space where kids are comfortable thinking and creating independently?

The meeting will be held over Zoom on August 10th at 18:00 PST.
Please register and submit aheadof time, any questions that you would be interested to discuss.
Zoom link to participate will be emailed to everyone a few days prior.
Questions? - Email:

Sign your child up today and see
their love of math blossom!

Sign your child up today and see
their love of math blossom!