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Math in the Time of War

This article will not be about teaching, as it usually is on our blog. We’ve been busy and would like to share a little bit with you about the life of the school in the past month.  Our school was founded by people born in Ukraine and Russia. So many of us – teachers, students […]

The Green Pen Method

The first mention of the “green pen method” was in Amonashvili’s book “Zdravstvuite, deti!” (Hello, children!), published in 1983, USSR. Later on, the blogger Tatiana Ivanko began to incorporate this method and published her own article about it (although her blog no longer exists). This article became immensely popular within the Russian-speaking online community. At […]

Using Mistakes as a Learning Tool

As the age-old expression goes, “you learn from your mistakes”. At some point, the great sages of societies (you and I) realized that with a positive mindset, mistakes become the bridge to a better version of yourself. After all, life is not a race to the finish but rather a marathon of one’s own endurance. […]

How Math is Connected to the Calendar

The world as we know it is based on numbers. Humans are inclined to organize so that we may activate, and numbers basically make that possible. What’s amazing about numbers is that absolutely everyone on the entire globe (as far as we know) agrees upon the same numerical system – a base 10 system. That’s […]

Arithmetic Fluency in Kids — Learn How to Count!

Remember when you learned how to count? Actually, you probably don’t… No one does! That’s because the process of learning how to count never actually ends. Even if you get good at the basic stuff, there are always new formulas, applications, and numerical patterns to adopt. But of course, we all had to start somewhere, […]

How Different Countries Approach Math Education

There is no one way to approach learning and teaching math. Aside from the innumerable systematic approaches to mathematics, different countries around the world approach math in their own way. Some use strict routine and standardized testing. While others use large amounts of freedom and minimal homework. Some countries believe math to be of the […]

Why Is Math Important? — Does Learning Math Have a Positive Effect on Success?

Mathematics is obviously a huge part of childhood education. Most countries list mathematics as one of the most essential (if not the most essential) subjects in the school curriculum. However, why is math important? One reason may be the intellectual link between mathematics and general intelligence. Another might be the understanding that math must be […]

What Is Your Role As A Parent In Your Child’s Education?

While every child may learn differently, one thing is for sure – every child is always learning. Learning starts at the earliest age imaginable and continues throughout one’s entire life. But the early years are when the foundation is built, so it’s arguably the most important stage of learning. Keeping this in mind, it’s easy […]

Fun Math Games For Kids: I See 10

If you’ve already read some of our previous posts, you surely know how much we value playing math. Learning math through games is one of the best ways to get your child interested in this at times daunting subject. In fact, math is really fun! And it’s absolutely everywhere! We just need to show this […]

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