Most People’s Favorite Number

Can you guess what most people’s favorite number is? A recent online poll reveals interesting insights about people’s favorite numbers.

The war in Israel - words of support

We are heartbroken by the news of the terrorist attack on Israel. Our hearts go out to those in our community affected by this war. We continue to educate children and believe that education is the light and hope of humanity.

EMC Math Quests

To encourage love for math among kids of all abilities, EMC organizes free quests and games. Participants - kids and their parents - follow a magical storyline and embark on a mathematical adventure. This way, we also connect families by letting them share fun common challenges.

Unlocking the Magic of Math: 10 Mind-Bending Card Tricks

Check out 10 incredible math tricks you can do with a standard deck of cards. From building your mental math skills to mastering probability and fractions, these tricks are fun and great for boosting your math and logic muscles.

ADHD is not a bug but a feature. At EMC, we know how to work with it

Teaching children with ADHD requires more attention from the teacher. These kids are able to learn, but they are slower to acquire certain skills. They have difficulty keeping their attention on one thing at a time. This is due to their slow development of working memory.

Study in the summer? Why not!

Summer is a time for relaxation and fun, but that doesn't mean our brains have to take a break too. At EMC, we offer two exciting math courses during the summer: Fun Math and Competition Math. You can choose to enroll in one or both courses, and enjoy two lessons per week. [...]

What sets EMC apart from other math schools

Our first priority is to teach a child to think independently. The role of the teacher is to ask guiding questions and facilitate class discussions. EMC teachers do not aim to teach children pre-made solutions to typical problems, only to then assign similar homework. [...]

Overview of Math Competitions that EMC prepares students for

EMC holds workshops to prepare students for math competitions. We have selected Noetic, Math Kangaroo, and the AMC 8 for our students. We choose these three because they are a great way to enter the world of mathematical contests. They [...]

I even wanted to volunteer with Anna - to be closer to math and to this joyful atmosphere

Alena Borisova, mother of two EMC students, shared how her son's success in mathematics made him a self-confident person.

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