NOETIC Math Competition Mock Test

11:00 am

Join students from all over the United States as we prepare for the Spring 2024 NOETIC Math Competition.

Engaging Math Circles has proudly served as an official NOETIC Math proctoring center for many of years with hundreds of students preparing for, and taking the test with us.

We have seen even the most prepared students feel stressed during the timed test, impacting their scores.

We recommend students participate in mock tests to help get rid of test day jitters and develop effective test-taking strategies, ensuring a stress-free experience during the actual competition.

Now is a perfect opportunity to refine preparation and boost confidence for the upcoming competition.

You are registering for:

  • One proctored live online practice NOETIC Math Competition style test: March 30th at 11am PST
  • Solutions to test questions

Mock Test details:

  • Students will log into Zoom at the scheduled time
  • We will take a few minutes to get situated and go over the rules
  • Participants will then be provided with a link to a grade appropriate full-length NOETIC style practice test
  • Once ready, we will start a timer for 50 minutes
  • Real, proctored, test taking condition will be simulated throughout the entire test

Taking a mock test offers many advantages!

Join us TODAY and help your child:

🌐 Find their tribe: Get inspired by taking the test alongside other motivated and supportive peers from all over the nation.

🎯 Identify and address weaknesses: Gauge current proficiency, pinpointing areas for improvement.

📝 Get familiar with the test environment: Experience the test conditions, adapting to the format and structure.

Practice time management skills: Develop and practice effective strategies to manage time and navigate diverse question types.

🌬️ Stress Management: Get familiar with the test environment, reducing anxiety and fear of the actual exam.

💪 Boost confidence: Successfully tackle challenging problems in a supportive setting.

🎯 Targeted Preparation: Identify specific topics or question types needing additional attention for focused study.

Preparation Time: Identify areas of struggle now, allowing sufficient time to prepare for the competition.

🌈 Most importantly: Have fun! View this as a fun, challenging, and motivational educational opportunity.

About us

We are an after-school custom math education program with small live online classes, designed to help children K-12 strengthen their math skills. Our mission is to lay the foundation for our students' long-term academic success. 

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at (408) 599-2663 or

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