The Great Fairy Tale Scramble - Math Quest SJ

4:00 pm
7:00 pm
Murdock Park, Wunderlich Drive And Castle Glen Ave San Jose, CA 95106

An event NOT to be missed!

Amazing Family Math Adventure in a park near you!

Step into the world of fairy tales like never before! 

It all starts out innocently enough, but soon you and your family will find yourselves being sucked into the world of scrambled fairy tales.  As you venture deeper into this enchanting realm, you'll encounter a maze of riddles and challenges. Along the way, you'll meet curious creatures in need of your help to unravel their tales and restore order to the chaos around them. 

Get ready to embark on a thrilling family adventure, where you'll use your logic and problem-solving skills to decipher puzzles and follow clues, all while navigating twists and turns to find your way back home.

Join us as we dive into this magical journey together!

Since the very beginning of EMC, we have been getting kids excited about the beautiful world of math and giving tools and support to parents to empower them to continue “playing math” at home.

We believe that everything is much more fun in a community of likeminded friends. EMC hosts both in person and online events to strengthen our community, to help create social connections outside of the classroom, and to empower our parents with tools to bring more math into the home.

The math quests are for everybody - children and their families.

What are Math Quests:

Kids and their parents follow a magical storyline and embark on a mathematical adventure. Throughout this adventure, they solve math problems, logical riddles, and find clues that lead them along the journey. Completion of the quest is celebrated with little gifts for the children and participants. This way, we connect families by sharing common challenges that are interesting and fun to work on.

About us

We are an after-school custom math education program with small live online classes, designed to help children K-12 strengthen their math skills. Our mission is to lay the foundation for our students' long-term academic success. 

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us at (408) 599-2663 or

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