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An after-school K-12 math education program with small live online classes, designed to fit each student's unique needs and objectives.

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All Learning Styles and Levels are Welcome!

We take every child's individual learning style and preferences into account to create a supportive and collaborative classroom environment, where each student can enjoy the process of learning and discover a new love for math.

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Our Math Programs

Will It Work for My Child?

We are committed to creating the right learning experience for each of our students. Our programs and workshops are for students who:

  • aren’t being engaged, challenged, or motivated enough in school

  • need to raise their school grades

  • need help overcoming their fear of math

  • can benefit from building confidence in their abilities to learn new subjects

  • love math and seek new challenges to develop their skills

  • are being homeschooled

  • have special needs (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, double gifted, or other)

  • are preparing for state exams or math competitions

  • are gifted and want to develop beyond their school’s curriculum

  • simply want to learn math!

We Encourage Math Competition Participation!

Math competitions provide opportunities to overcome challenges and setbacks and celebrate academic achievements. Children learn to focus on goals, deal with pressure, work in a team, and even build friendships.

What parents say about us

I think that working with a personal tutor is less effective than in a small group. Children need not just knowledge but also socialization and an environment conducive to learning. My daughter (9 years) took the summer Fun Math course at EMC. There were 5 people in her group and she had a fun teacher. I heard them laugh. They laughed - during a math class! I am happy with the results, it turned out to be a great alternative to summer camp.

Joyce Chu

We were one of the first kids in the program. Anna is great! Our kid hated math with a passion before he started his classes with Anna. Anna found a unique approach and now he is one of the top students in his class.


We love the EMC program - I’m so glad that we signed up - it’s definitely made my son more confident & proficient with a lot of the math tables that I’d been working hard with him the previous year. I absolutely love that you guys do an amazing job! Thank you!


EMC program proved to be a great fit for my son Egor. Lessons are structured in a game format. Often, it feels like he is not studying but playing a game, and knowledge just sticks to him like pollen to the legs of a bee.  EMC taught Egor to break down and understand math problems.  Before, he couldn't even comprehend what was asked of him!

Irina Kucher

Next Steps


The student plays math games and solves problems, as we adjust the level of difficulty.

Finding the
Right Class

Next, we work with your schedule to find an appropriate class for the student to attend.

& Payment

Once the right fit is found, parents are invited to register and pay for the first month.

Our Method

We inspire love for math and learning.

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We develop independent thinking and problem solving skills.

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We teach the "Why" behind the "How."

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We hire highly educated math instructors, who love their job.

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We get results.

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We welcome new students all year round.

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Our Method

We inspire love for math and learning.

We believe that teaching and learning math is a fun and deeply rewarding journey. We love math, and we know that your children will too!

We develop independent thinking and problem solving skills.

Rather than giving students the answers, instructors encourage students to find solutions independently and as a group.

We teach the "Why" behind the "How."

A thorough understanding of mathematical concepts is an integral step in the development of mathematical intuition.

We welcome new students all year round.

We'll find the best class for your child regardless of when they join. Students can start, change, or leave our programs at their convenience.

We hire math instructors, who love their job.

All of them hold STEM degrees and know how to work with kids, using Positive Discipline and Investigative Learning techniques.

We get results.

Our students go on to win math competitions, achieve higher grades at school, and become more confident and accomplished students overall.

Sign your child up today and see
their love of math blossom!