The war in Israel - words of support

On October 7, the terrorist organization HAMAS attacked an international music festival held in the desert inside the territory of Israel and gunned down its participants, including Israelis (both Jews and Arabs) and foreigners. Many young people were killed. Terrorists fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, invaded settlements near the border, and killed residents. Some were taken hostage and kidnapped to Gaza. Among the hostages are children and the elderly. The terrorists are threatening to execute them live on air, similar to what ISIS has done. There is currently a full-scale war in Israel.

Many of our teachers and students have family and friends in Israel who are directly affected by these events. Our hearts go out to them.

Violence should not exist!

We hope that with the help of the world community, the State of Israel will be able to put an end to this horror.

EMC continues to educate children and believes that education is the light and hope of humanity.

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