What sets EMC apart from other math schools

We are sometimes asked what sets EMC apart from other schools. Here's our answer:

Our first priority is to teach a child to think independently. The role of the teacher is to ask guiding questions and facilitate class discussions. EMC teachers do not aim to teach children pre-made solutions to typical problems, only to then assign similar homework.

We teach children not to blindly memorize formulas, but to understand them and to be able to derive them.  We discuss various ways of solving the same problem, and teach students to explain their thought process. At times we switch roles and ask students to ask their classmates guiding questions, just like a teacher.

Our classes are offered online only.  To promote meaningful discussions and equal participation we work in very small groups - no more than 6 kids.  For our younger students, (0-1st grade), class sizes are limited to just 3-4 students.

Our program covers the fundamentals (the school curriculum) plus problems from math competitions and puzzles that help develop logical thinking.

It is also important for us to create an environment where children are not afraid of making mistakes, but rather are encouraged to identify and correct them.  

All of our teachers are English speakers, are charismatic, know how to engage students and have a degree in either a STEM field, education, or both.  They maintain discipline through positive communication and by sparking interest in mathematics.  They also love what they do!

Come to our free math evaluation – a 1:1 mini-lesson, where you will see firsthand how our teachers interact with students. Once the teacher determines the appropriate class level for your child, they will have the opportunity to try a free lesson in a group that works for them.

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