Math Kangaroo Study Package

Package cost: $65

Each package includes:

  • Four practice tests
  • Teacher support by chat
  • BONUS: Complimentary Workshop

How does it work?

  • Select your student’s grade level
  • Purchase January (4 tests), February (4 tests), or both study packages
  • Upon registration, you will be invited to a Canvas Classroom
  • Each week a practice test will be unlocked in Canvas
  • Students complete the tests on their own time
  • Students have access to EMC teachers by messenger throughout the entire month
  • 60-minute complimentary small group workshop at the end of the month

More package details:

Four (4) full-length practice tests:
  • At the start of the week, a new practice test gets unlocked in the Canvas Classroom. Your child can take this test on their own time, to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Each test is automatically graded.
  • If you join after the start date, you will have access to all tests that have already been unlocked to students by that time.
Teacher support by chat throughout the package month:
  • Stuck on a problem? Not sure how to solve it or need an explanation or a hint?
  • Engaging Math Circles teachers are just a Canvas chat away, providing text support throughout the entire process.
BONUS Complimentary Group lesson:
  • At the end of the 4th week, your child will have the opportunity to join a complimentary 60-minute group lesson to wrap up the workshop. These sessions focus on the most challenging problems and mechanisms.
  • Select Date and Time of the workshop at checkout
  • Students can and should submit difficult problems of their choice prior to the workshops OR
  • If no questions were sent in prior, the teacher will present and help work through additional problems to give more practice and solidify understanding.

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