Math resources for parents

EMC director Anna Margolis compiled a list of books and teaching materials that help make teaching math to kids fun. 

Here she shares some of her favorites:

• Multiple free resources with sample problems from Math Kangaroo competitions from previous years: , 

• Books that teach out-of-the-box thinking. Anna really likes the ones written on the basis of mathematical clubs held in America. They can be found on Amazon using keywords “Math circle” or MSRI Mathematical Circles Library.

Among them, Anna especially recommends the books of Anna Burago.

• Anna also highly recommends Yuliya Gippenreyter’s works about the general psychology of communication with children for those able to read in Russian. For those who read in English, here is a good book: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk (there is a whole series there too).

• Great workbooks for little kids from Zhenya Katz.

• There are also many math games for toddlers that the whole family can play such as SET, 7 ate 9, Ghost blitz, and Clumsy thief.

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